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Hot Potatoes - Students

What is Hot Potatoes?

It is a set of six authoring tools that enable users to create interactive web based exercises of several basic types.  

Hot Potatoes uses W3C compliant JavaScript to run the quizzes which may cause accessibility issues.  This is something that would need to be tested independently using screen readers etc.

Hot Potatoes main features

JCloze is used to make fill in the gap exercises.  Staff create a short paragraph and then select a word or phrase and click on the Gap button to put in a blank space that students have to complete.

JMatch is used to create matching exercises.  A list of items appears on one side, and each one must be matched up to an item on the other side. 

JMix is used to make jumbled exercises. You can jumble the words in a sentence, or the letters in a word. It has two output formats - standard and drag-drop.  Both of which are easy to use. 

JCross is used to make crossword exercises. This is a different type of question and one that makes a nice change for both staff and students to use.

JQuiz is a tool for making question-based exercises.  Each quiz can consist of an unlimited number of questions. There are four basic question types - multiple choice, short answer, hybrid (combination of multiple choice and short answer) and multi select.

Useful Resources

Student support resources for Hot Potatoes are under development and will be added to this page shortly.

Where to get help

Students should contact their Module Leader or Course Manager for support with Hot Potatoes.

Note: As of October 2017 the support links associated with Brookes Virtual Help on the Wiki will be superseded by more user-friendly resources accessible via the Virtual Gateway. From that point, all Brookes Wiki support pages associated with this hierarchy will become obsolete. Please update your Bookmarks accordingly.

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