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Note: As of October 2017 the support links associated with Brookes Virtual Help on the Wiki will be superseded by more user-friendly resources accessible via the Virtual Gateway. From that point, all Brookes Wiki support pages associated with this hierarchy will become obsolete. Please update your Bookmarks accordingly.

What is TurningPoint?

TurningPoint is a presentation, teaching and lecturing tool that sits within Microsoft PowerPoint. It allows staff to communicate with students interactively by asking them multiple choice questions to which they can reply using a keypad handset. It collects audience responses in real time and creates detailed reports for analysis at the touch of a button.

Active Collaborative Learning at Strathclyde University

An electronic voting system was adopted by one of the University departments to increase interactivity in lectures. Using the system enables students to discuss conceptual questions in class with their peers. Evaluations show that this increased interactivity has improved understanding and retention. Results from diagnostic tests provide further evidence of raised standards in the department. Allowing time for debate and reflection has prompted more active learning - students feel motivated to focus on knowledge gained during a lecture so that they can perform well in what they see as 'fun' assessment activities.

Using 'clickers' for formative assessment

Systems like TurningPoint are often referred to as Personal Response Systems or 'clickers'. The Science Education Initiative in the US has created a set of resources about effective use of personal response systems for student engagement and formative assessment through deep conceptual questions. Find out more from the OCSLD web site.

Useful Resources

A very useful resource is the TurningTechnologies website where they have manuals for different versions of the software and information on loading TurningPoint onto Macs. 

How do I book the TurningPoint equipment?

TurningPoint has been loaded on PCs in the pooled teaching rooms. To access it you need to click on Start>All Programs> Common Applications>TurningPoint. You will need to book the handsets and receivers through OBIS.

Where to get help

For help with TurningPoint, staff should contact their faculty's Digital Media and E-Learning Developer (DMELD) or the Media Workshop.

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