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Course Design Intensives

Brookes Assessment Compact CDIs 2009-10

Brookes Assessment Compact CDIs 2009-10

To support the implementation of the Brookes Assessment Compact OCSLD and ASKe are jointly offering Course Design Intensives (CDIs) to Programme teams in all schools in 2009 and 2010.


Previous events are listed at the bottom of this page. Each of these events may be followed up with a half-day event to be scheduled later (see below).

Structure of the event

The Assessment Compact CDIs are offered as an initial one-day workshop, with a half-day follow-up workshop to review and finalise designs.
Day 1: input by ASKe and activities designed to engage participants with the theory and research underpinning the assessment compact and illustrative examples of how aspects of the compact can be addressed. Programme teams work on designs to address the assessment compact requirements. (Click here to see the Day 1 outline and resources.)
Day 2: these half-day events will feature programme teams showcasing their designs and using feedback from colleagues to revise and finalise their proposals. It is desirable to allow sufficient time after the first workshop day to complete a substantial part of the design work. We will schedule extra dates for these half-day events later. They are likely to be in June 2010.

Who should attend?

Because the Assessment Compact is intended to address programme level assessment practices we are offering the CDIs for programme teams only. As a minimum these programme teams should include the programme leader and all core module leaders. It is preferable to include all module leaders and in addition to consider whether to involve student support coordinators, the school learning technologist, senior tutors, school head of quality and student course reps. The aim is to bring all the necessary expertise together in a concentrated way to get a quick result.
We hope and expect that each CDI event will involve several programme teams. From past experience it is desirable that there be a mixture of subject areas represented.

How to sign up

Please select the day(s) most suitable for your programme team(s) from the list. Then, school administrators and/or programme team leaders should contact the OCSLD internal events administrator, Roy Grant, (, x 5852) to book places for your programme team(s). You will need to supply him with the names and roles in the programme of all members of your team(s) that will attend.

Further information

For more information about OCSLD and ASKe support for the Assessment Compact, contact:
Greg Benfield (OCSLD) on x5774/x4274 or
Karen Handley (ASKe) on x5968 or

Schedule of Assessment Compact CDIs 2009-10

Please note: these workshops run from 10 am - 3.45 pm (see outline of the Day)

Day 1 events (a further half day to follow in June/July 2010)

11 Sep 2009
GLC, Reinvention Centre
Life Sciences
Margaret Price, Berry O'Donovan, Greg Benfield, Frances Deepwell, Valerie Clifford
16 Sep 2009
Whe, Simon Williams Undergraduate Centre
Health and Social Care
Karen Handley, Jill Millar, Jude Carroll, Rhona Sharpe
11 Jan 2010
Whe, Simon Williams Undergraduate Centre 
Margaret Price, Jill Millar, Jude Carroll, Valerie Clifford
12 Jan 2010
Whe, Simon Williams Undergraduate Centre 
Business School
Margaret Price, Berry O'Donovan, George Roberts, Frances Deepwell
22 Jan 2010
Whe, Postgraduate Centre 
School of Technology
Chris Rust, Greg Benfield, Frances Deepwell
26 Jan 2010
Whe, WT3 
Business/Health and Social Care/SSL
Karen Handley, Berry O'Donovan, Valerie Clifford, George Roberts
24 Feb 2010
Arts and Humanities Karen Handley
15 Mar 2010
Arts and Humanities 
Jude Carroll 
10 May 2010
GLC BG10, from 9:30 - 1pm
Chris Rust, Frances Deepwell
3 June 2010
GLC, Buckley, BG01
Arts and Humanities
Chris Rust, Greg Benfield
14 Sep 2010
WIE (F114)
Margaret Price, Greg Benfield, WIE personnel tbc
29 Oct 2010
WIE (tbc)
tbc; WIE personnel tbc 


11 Sep 2009 Event

Life Sciences Biomedical and Biological Sciences Assessment Compact Implementation.doc

Life Sciences Assessment CDI Sport and Nutrition notes.doc

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