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Brookes X - Elgg

Brookes X - Elgg

Brookes X - Elgg is the current working name for our Elgg social networking platform.

Elgg has been having growing pains. The new Elgg 1.1 is looking good but is not yet ready for institutional deployment at Brookes given our tight resources.

The new code-base is different from the old to such an extent that it might as well be a new application. The plug-ins and enhancements that we did to 0.9 through the Emerge project are not readily transferable to 1.0. And, most significantly the new version has not yet implemented some of the more important features of a social networking system: user created groups. I am checking this out on the UK Elgg users group.

The old site will remain dormant, and when we are ready to implement 1.x we will let you all know. Thank you for your patience.

You may see changes to the site from time to time as we work to make it ready for a more formal launch.

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