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HSC Design Intensives

About the CDI format

About the CDI format 

The 2-day Course Design Intensive workshop is organised by the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development and the Media Workshop.

Requirements: You will need to bring

  • yourself, your ideas, an open mind
  • syllabus, learning outcomes, assessment details of the course you be working on, together with resources that you could use to build online learning activities
  • wireless laptop (if you have one), especially on Day Two

Overview:        There are several objectives underpinning this workshop format. To:

  • provide course development teams with access to expertise in e-learning
  • use the 'many hands make light work' principle
  • provide time and space to think creatively
  • provide an opportunity for concentrated work that leads to tangible outputs
  • use critical friends who can facilitate rapid iterative improvements to designs

The idea is that the course teams bring their syllabus, learning outcomes, assessment regime etc and we supply experienced e-learning practitioners/developers, learning technologists and subject librarians and work together to design e-learning in your course. The aim is to bring additional development resources into the picture for course teams in a concentrated way to get a quick result. We anticipate that by the time you leave after two days you will have the basic structure of an online course built in Brookes Virtual, probably with some elements designed but still needing production.

There are some preconditions and assumptions we have to make:

  • the task is to redesign an existing course (may be f2f or DL) for e-learning, not to write a new one
  • that members of the course team agree to participate for the full two days
  • that members of the course team have had the relevant training or experience with the learning technologies they plan to use (eg, the VLE, Wiki, e-portfolio tool, etc)

If you want to read more about the origins, development and benefits of the CDI workshop format in greater detail, download this briefing paper (pdf file), written for the Higher Education Academy as one of the outputs of the Oxford Brookes Pathfinder  Project.

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