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This is where you'll find information on training courses and support for Nvivo users and those interested in using Nvivo.

Last updated JANUARY 2018

Training in Nvivo 11 Semester 2 - January to May 2018

NVivo sessions are scheduled through this semester. The course comprises two 3½ hour sessions, the Part 1 session covering basic functions such as coding, and the Part 2 session covering more advanced functions. To attend Part 2 you need to have attended Part 1, or you should have at least a basic experience of using Nvivo. You can attend only Part 1 if you wish. The sessions are free.​

Nvivo lets you organise and analyse your data, revealing facets of the data that you might not otherwise have seen. With Nvivo's powerful features you can test hunches and hypotheses and produce high quality output in a variety of formats. As well as being a qualitative analysis tool, Nvivo can also be used for your Literature Review.

Part 1: Nvivo Overview, Create a new Project file, Importing source data, Coding and Recoding data, Keeping a Research Journal, Classifing data, initial Data Analysis.

​Part 2: Coding techniques and methodology, Incorporating PDFs, Images, Audio, Video, Social Media, Bibliographies, Linking Ideas, Automated Coding, Advanced Data Analysis, Visualisaions, Writing up, Literature Review.

Apply to attend 

(You may be prompted to log into your Brookes gmail to use this link)

I schedule sessions according to demand. I will respond to applications by emailing you once I can offer you a place at a session/s. As I am partly dependent on computer room availability, there may be a delay in getting back to you until I find suitable rooms.

Nvivo can be installed on a Brookes office PC or personal laptop (Windows or Mac) free of charge. Login to IT Services online service desk and type 'nvivo' in the Knowledge Search text box and the follow the returned links. You can also visit the IT Service Desk on your campus to get installation instructions.

Thank you.

Alex Friend, Training and Development Specialist, IT Services

Advanced Nvivo project-related training

Advanced project-related training and support is available to staff and post-graduates who have a basic familiarity with Nvivo, though having an awareness of concepts underlying the use of qualitative analysis software may be sufficient. I may be able to help you if:
a) You are in the process of planning your project, but have not yet gathered any data; you may feel the need for guidance on structuring your project in Nvivo and exploring ways it can help you understand your data.
b) You have collected data and would like help in organising, coding, analysing, reporting.
c) You have been using Nvivo as a research tool but would appreciate some guidance on specific aspects
d) You want to use (or explore) features in Nvivo v.11 such as capturing and analysing social media.
If you are interested or would like to ask some initial questions, please email me, Alex Friend, at


QSR NVIVO is software for qualitative data analysis. Brookes has a site licence for NVIVO 11 (and previous version 10).

The resources linked here can be used for self-help or for follow-up support after attending Brookes NVIVO workshops.

  • OnLine QDA Learning Qualitative Data Analysis on the Web - really good resource for beginners, but good also excellent reference for more experienced users
  • Suggested references to titles for NVIVO software users , many in Brookes library - (or click link in upper left hand pane 'Nvivo and Qualitative Research reference list')
  • QSR Forum - free sign up, ask for help from other qualitative researchers, get answers
  • Case studies available on internet. Real researchers talking about real projects
  • Useful Youtube videos on Nvivo and qualitative research. This is my own playlist of Youtube videos which I have found particularly helpful. Includes coding methodology, research collaboration. I continually add videos.
  • QSR NVivo video tutorials
  • QSR International hosted forum of NVIVO users
  • University of Surrey QDA training events

If you have suggestions for further resources, or have any questions, contact Alex Friend,

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