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PAL Modules (Which, When and Where)
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PAL Leaders (Who)
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About PAL (What, Why and How)

What is PAL?

Peer Advice on Learning (PAL) is an informal academic support scheme where second and final year students pass on their experience and knowledge of modules they have studied to new students. They can advise on the best ways to improve your performance at University.

PAL is run by students for students and it is organised module by module. The PAL leader has previously studied the module successfully and can help give you an opportunity to improve your understanding of the module.

Attendance is voluntary and sessions are run on an informal 'drop in' basis. PAL is not an alternative to lectures or seminars but may be viewed as a complement to a module and can improve your learning.

Why go to a PAL session?

  • Attendance can improve your grades
  • Learning together in a group can be fun and can enhance your knowledge and understanding
  • You can ask questions that you might feel uncomfortable asking the module leader or tutor
  • PAL leaders can help you understand how your module fits in with the overall scheme of your programme
  • PAL leaders can help you understand how to get the best out of your studies
  • PAL leaders can give first hand advice based on their experience during the module

How does the PAL session work?

In each session you will be guided through module concepts by your PAL leader, a competent student who has previously studied the module and has been trained in group facilitation techniques. Your leader will not re-lecture or give you his/her class notes and he/she will not do your coursework or your thinking for you.

What your PAL leader will do is to help you make best use of your study time. Their role is to help you think about what you have learnt in your lectures and your course material and then put it together into some kind of perspective during the PAL session so you can learn it more efficiently.

PAL leaders will not give module leaders or seminar tutors details of conversations you may have in the sessions.

How to run PAL
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Becoming a PAL
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