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PAL Modules (Which, When and Where)
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PAL Leaders (Who)
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How to run a PAL scheme

PAL schemes could not operate without the support of academics and administrators. There needs to be core structures and activities to enable the students to keep the scheme running year on year.
This page contains details of the timeline that is the Faculty of Business PAL scheme. It described the key events that make up the core of the organisation throughout the year and offers links to materials that we use in this process. Please adopt or adapt to fit your needs. All that we ask is that you send updates on how your scheme is progressing to



We send an e-mail 'advert' on the same day as the end of year results are posted together with information about the scheme, the job description and an application form. We set up a Google Form for the application to ease administration.

August/ September

Selection,Training and Timetabling

Once all the applications have arrived it is time to sift through to select the students that meet the academic criteria and who best express the skills and aptitudes we are looking for. These are invited to a briefing and training session. This session allows the student to make a final decison on whether they want to be a PAL leader and which modules they would like to support. In reality their choice is limited by their availability so we ask that they check their own timetables and workloads before signing up.

At Wheatley we have traditionally run sessions in the 12-1 slot as this is the time when all students should be free to attend a PAL session and when rooms are more freely available for the PAL sessions.

The training session covers all aspects of the role of a PAL and focuses on the development of facilitation skills including role plays of particular situations that PAL leaders have faced in the past. Previous PAL leaders have always joined in to help in this training session.

At the end of the session they recieve a PAL leaders manual to support them as they prepare for their first session. This manual was developed from a training manual produced by former PAL Leaders Michelle Barnes, Emma Brummitt and Elaine Girding as part of an Indpendant Study module.

Semester 1

Introduction and Monitoring

Once the timetable has been agreed the PAL leaders take over. They meet with the Module Leaders for disucssions about how best to support the stduents on the module and take responsibility for additional promotion of the scheme to new students. They start with a basic slide template which they can request  to be included in moduel presnetaions or sent to module e-mail addresses. Amoung the suggestions they generate for promotion activites are introductions in core lectures, posters, bus adverts, e-mails and word of mouth.

Monitoring of their skill development takes place on an individual basis during the semester with advice an dguidance form the lead acadmeic or through their own peer support network. Typically PAL leaders reflect on their development needs after their first session and review their PAL techniques midway through the semester.


End of semester 1 review



Semester 2



End of year celebration and review


How to run PAL
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Becoming a PAL
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