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Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
Reflection in the Round


Reflection in the round: Discourses and Practices of Reflection in HE

Westminster Institute of Education, Oxford Brookes University

The two seminars brought together academics from a range of disciplines to explore the discourses and practices of reflection in UK HE.The first seminar drew together practice perspectives across a range of disciplines based around members of the National Teaching Fellow network. The second seminar was a British Association for Applied Linguistics / Cambridge University Press sponsored seminar which sought to to develop a dialogue between practice based and theoretical based researchers of reflective practice in the context of UK HE:  specifically between those engaged in ethnographic and action research based research of reflection in professional and pedagogic practice with researchers who are engaged in discourse based approaches (Descriptive and Critical) of such practices. In order to facilitate this dialogue 4 National Teaching Fellows from day 1 were invited to present papers at the BAAL/CUP seminar on June 24th.

The papers offered on both days were invited to address the same broad three questions:

  • What are the range of discourses and practices that come under the term Reflection? (What insights into such practices do discourse perspectives provide? June 24th)
  • What are the challenges of interpreting, framing the learning, and assessing, of reflection?
  • Genealogy: Why this practice, why now, why here, and who is it for? (interpretations and explanations for the rise of reflection as a pedagogic and professional practice)

All the papers were shared in plenary mode to offer cross disciplinary discsussion. On this site we will be trying to make available the Abstracts/ PowerPoints / Handouts / Weblinks and draft Papers that were presented at the seminars or have been offered since. We will also seek to continue some of the discussions and exchanges that were started on both days.

You are most welcome to use thecomments sections at the bottom of the pages. If there are any problems please contact[]

  1. Jul 02, 2011

    Jane Spiro says:

    We had a very rich two days sharing practice and theory across multiple subject ...

    We had a very rich two days sharing practice and theory across multiple subject disciplines, such as Fashion (Alison James), Accountancy (Ursula Lucas), Community development (James Derounian), careers counselling (Arti Kumar), business (Mary Hartog), Health care (Chris Bulman), education.  On the second day we looked at discourse characteristics of reflective dialogue (Steve Mann), reflective logs (Sue Wharton) and reflective narrative (Hilary Nesi); as well as the ideological underpinning of reflection culturally and historically (Molly Bellamy and Malcolm McDonald).  As an added dimension to both days was the labyrinth (Bernard Moss) - a physical reflective space where we had the option of entirely kinaesthetic non-articulated learning. 

    We agreed on both days that a wiki might be a user-friendly way of remaining in touch and bringing together resources and ideas from both communities, - also to include colleagues who were hoping to come but couldn't join us. 

    Let us know how you would like to use this wiki, and do post materials you are happy to share, such as slides from the day, and ideas for other ways we can work together - research projects, journal special issue, or an edited book. 

  2. Jul 04, 2011

    Anonymous says:

    Sorry I couldn't be there, but I read Molly's paper and was impressed by the bre...

    Sorry I couldn't be there, but I read Molly's paper and was impressed by the breadth of research in a relatively brief paper.  I thought it positioned reflective practice in an intellectual and thoughtful way as opposed to the sometimes wooley, huggy, amorphous sentiments we are encouraged to pass on to our students.  I think Molly's paper is an excellent start to a fresh debate about what we are doing with reflective practice.  Please keep me posted about when you are meeting again - I'd love to share the work I'm doing at the University in terms of integrating sound writing practices into professional writing.  Thanks, Christine

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