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Evaluation of the Assessment Compact

1. Research questions

There are four main research questions, with subsets of more detailed questions. The relationship between the research questions and data collection is shown in this evaluation matrix.

a. What is the current level of awareness among students and staff of the Assessment Compact?

One of the most basic things we need to know about is the extent of awareness among students and staff of the University about the Compact and its clauses. A general level of ignorance about the Compact could be taken to indicate a failure to adequately implement it, while a high level of awareness might be taken as one measure of engagement by the Brookes community with issues around assessment.
Secondly, we need to establish a baseline map of Compact-related practices across the University: a mapping by schools, departments and demographics such as gender, age, course level and international/home status. This would allow us to track the development of assessment practices in subsequent years, assuming that depth of implementation will likely take at least three years.

b. How do students describe their engagement with assessment and feedback over the course of an academic year?

As well as a general awareness of the Compact, we would hope to find evidence that students can identify themselves as being actively involved in the assessment process in various specific ways. For example, we would hope that students could identify assessment and feedback activities in their course experience such as participation in marking exercises, opportunities for self and peer assessment, and possibly active engagement in the development of assessment-related curricula. We would also expect to find that students can give examples in their experience of opportunities to use feedback in subsequent assessments.

c. How do students and staff relate specific assessment and feedback practices to impact on their learning?

As well as evidence of Assessment Compact-related practices we need to know how students and staff perceive the impact of these practices on student learning.

d. How can the Assessment Compact make a greater contribution to the student experience?

Finally, we need to learn whether and how the Assessment Compact in particular and assessment practices at Brookes more generally can improve the student experience at Brookes.

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