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Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
Welfare Regimes under the Irish Poor Law 1850-1921

Poor Law Workshop 27 Apr 07

As part of the first phase of the project, a workshop was organised at Oxford Brookes to bring together historians of the poor law throughout the United Kingdom. The aim was to share information and theoretical perspectives and thus to provide a framework for subsequent research. The workshop programme, together with a commentary on the day, and copies of the papers delivered are available below. Click on the title to download the paper.  

 Workshop programme available here

 Joanna Innes, A UK legislative context for the Irish poor law  

 Keith Snell, New Possibilities in New Poor Law Studies

 Wil Griffith, The poor law in Wales  

 [Dr Griffith was unable to attend the workshop but has kindly agreed to make his paper available.] 

 Leonard Schwarz, The Westminster Pauper Biographies Project

 Stephanie Blackden, Scottish Poor Law after 1845   

 Virginia Crossman, Regional Perspectives: Ireland 

 Cormac Ó Gráda, Yardsticks for Workhouses during the Great Famine

 Steve King, The Regionality of welfare systems in Britain and Europe

 Georgina Laragy, Commentary              


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