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The SLiDA project investigated how institutions are creating and enabling opportunities that promote the development of effective learning in a digital age. The ultimate aim is to promote strategies which support learners to develop the access, skills, strategies and attributes they need to learn effectively with technology. The main deliverables of the study are a set of institutional Case Studies which are presented on this site. Any questions about the project can be directed to Rhona Sharpe, Oxford Brookes University.

SLiDA Questions

The key question proposed by this project was "How are institutions creating and enabling opportunities that promote the development of effective learning in a digital age?" There is a range of more specific questions which follow below. Browsing these questions will lead you to the Case Studies tackling each question specifically.

Q1. What strategies, policies and practices can be used to support learners to develop digital literacies relevant for professional and lifelong working?
See Professional and Lifelong Working

Q4. How can the development of effective learners be supported in individual, personalised ways?
See Personalisation

Q7. How are learning spaces that have been adapted in response to learner needs, being used to promote effective learning? (1 case)
See Learning Spaces

Q2. What frameworks are useful in specifying effective academic technology mediated practices?
See Frameworks

Q5. In what ways can policies and practices be student driven?
See Student Driven

Q8. How are institutions making use of effective learners to benefit other learners?
See Peer Support

Q3. How can the development of digital literacies and learning support be successfully embedded into the curriculum?
See Curriculum

Q6. How can social, personal and institutional technology be integrated to enable more effective learning?
See Social and Personal Technology

Q9. Which staff development approaches support the development of effective digital literacies for staff?
See Staff Development

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