About me

About Me

As Professor of Community Psychology and Public Health, my programme of work is focused on understanding (and improving) behaviour in context, especially how social structures (e.g. families, schools, communities, employers, regulation, government) can support improved health and wellbeing in communities and populations.

Since joining Oxford Brookes my research career has flourished, with international and national awards and recognition, and I have been returned in every RAE / REF submission. My publications are highly cited in the prevention science and addiction field, and in 2007 I was invited to join an international group of “the most cited authors in the field of addiction research” to begin work on a co-authored book. The first edition of the book Drug Policy and the Public Good was sponsored by the Pan American Health Organisation, translated into Spanish, and awarded first prize in the influential British Medical Association Public Health book awards. The book was also the basis for a high profile article published in the Lancet in 2012. In 2014, the World Health Organisation convened a meeting of the authors to support the writing of a second edition, with a view to using this as the basis for the World Health Organisation submission to the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) meeting on drug policy to be held in New York in 2016. This is just one example of how my highly cited research has had, and continues to have, a leading international impact. Other examples include advisory work with the United Nations, World Health Organisation, Office for Economic Co-operation and Development and other international and national scientific bodies.

Professor Foxcroft with psychiatrist and psychologist colleagues at a UNICEF sponsored research meeting in Tehran

My funded research projects total over £7million, and have averaged around £130k per annum as income to Brookes over the last 5 years. Grants have included funding from MRC, ESRC, NIHR, JRF, the EC and the AHMRC. On top of this, my research leadership has led to additional income to Brookes of at least £2.8 million. As Director of Research I led the strategic review and restructuring of research in the School of Health and Social Care; leadership work rated as “outstanding” by the University SMT. Since stepping down from the Director of Research role, my leadership of research development has been through supporting and facilitating research groups, seminars, conferences and meetings, staff, students, and research informed teaching. This has included bringing several impressive international speakers to Brookes to give seminars, organization of international scientific meetings in Oxford and overseas, supporting other Brookes’ researchers to win grants, to lead research projects, and to gain promotion and establish new research groups. My PhD students have won prizes at graduate school conferences, and also a national award for innovative doctoral research, and have all gone on to careers in academia, practice or policy. I continue to collaborate with ex-students to support their further career development.

E-mail: david.foxcroft@brookes.ac.uk

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