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Faculty of Health & Life Sciences
mLearning in Practice Settings

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blog entry  2008/01/11
Last changed: Jan 11, 2008 12:00 by Richard Francis

There's a new page on reflective journal writing by audio blogging. We should use this to edit the section of the reflection toolkit about journal writing so that it includes audio blogging.

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blog entry  2007/07/30

Hello all

apologies for long title! Steph & I attended the South Central SHA network meeting last week (Wed July 25th) - its chaired by Janine Ling (Head of Quality/Education)  and its focus is on supporting placements within the South Central patch.

We briefly explained the purpose of the m-Learning project and it was evident that other projects are also underway, hosted by other HEIs (for example, Southampton). The SHA has also just appointed an e-Learning & library  manager (Helen Bingham) and this may be a useful contact for us in the future?

The points raised were:

* is there a mobile technologies policy to cover placements/students & to act as guidelines for mentors/practice educators? This could be generic and incorporate elements of data protection?

* useful to include briefing/demonstration for mentors/practice educators involved in project/supporting students.

* Clinical placement facilitators (CPFs) and Trusts to be involved in project evaluation/assessing impact on placement. CPFs representative to be co-opted onto future project meetings.

* Project brief to be sent round CPFs/network for comment/information & to make contact with Helen Bingham.

Suggestion made that student sample/placements to target one SHA only (easier in terms of partnership working & formulation/implementation of a mobile technologies policy?

Hope this makes sense!

Sue H 


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blog entry  2007/07/12

Dear all,

please note that we agreed that our next project team meeting will be on TUESDAY, JULY 24th starting at 10 a.m. (finishing at approx 11.30 a.m.) Netta will only be able to make the first part so we will need to be focussed - have invited Will Wade to join us in order to help us consider the student perspective etc.

Only room I could book was MRG.23.

Will put up notes & action points from July 9th meeting on the Wiki asap.

Sue H  

Posted at 12 Jul @ 3:46 PM by user p0070765 | comment 0 comments

Dear all

the m-Learning project brief was tabled and presented at this week's Learning, Teaching and Assessment Committee (LTAC/School of Health and Social Care on July 10th).

Generally, it received the approval and support of the committee. It was also suggested that the project group might like to report on progress to date at one of the School's scheduled LTAC workshops for 2007/08 ( e.g. Monday, March 17th) which was felt to be worth exploring - please keep this date in mind. The possible theme of this workshop would be practiice education/reflection, so project would be relevant to this - no further details available as yet, and LTAC does not meet again until October.

There were some concerns expressed about viability of project and its focus on mobile technologies per se  (as opposed to exploring other methods of learning from practice & other ways of promoting reflection). These concerns are important to consider & we can continue to use David Foxcroft as a 'critical friend' in order to ensure some robustness of purpose?

Sue H 



Posted at 12 Jul @ 12:12 PM by user p0070765 | comment 0 comments

Dear all

have now been to see David Foxcroft (July 9th) who is willing to act as a 'critical friend' to the project and we had a useful discussion about the potential strengths/pitfalls of the project/mobile technologies. He also felt at this exploratory stage, a fairly 'soft' approach was suitable and the most appropriate.

  • is there a real match between what we want to achieve and our selected technology/PDA?
  • what is it we really want to achieve & for the students to be able to do? For example, is mobile access to the internet a 'red herring'? 
  • what are the real benefits for the School?
  • how we will minimise the 'social desirability' aspects of the project ? i.e. particpation of those students most enthusiastic and familiar with (mobile) technologies - would students give negative feedback if given a new gadget to use, for example? This would need to be teased out in the interviews?

Any views on these points?

Sue H

Posted at 12 Jul @ 9:55 AM by user p0070765 | comment 0 comments
blog entry  2007/07/05

Hello everyone

just to let you know that I have checked with Ruslan and it seems that our m-Learning project can be covered by the ethics approval of the Pathfinders project: it means that Ruslan will need written approval from the project team to interview students.

I have also been in touch with David Foxcroft but have yet to see him to outline our project etc. Suggest at our next meeting (Monday, July 9th) we work out a 'timeline' of activities. My feeling now is that Irmgard & I can work on the online survey for students & that this will need to be ready for early autumn when students return.

Sue H 


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blog entry  2007/06/18

Dear all

just a note to point out that I have booked MR1.07 for our next m-Learning porject meeting on Monday, July 9th - I have altered the info on the Wiki calendar. Come July, we will be hosting summer schools here on the Marston Road site and rooms are at a premium!

Sue H

Posted at 18 Jun @ 3:49 PM by user p0070765 | comment 0 comments
blog entry  2007/06/06

Hello all!

just to up-date you - I have met with Professor Mary Boulton (Director of Research/School of Health and Social Care) who is fully supportive of our project. She suggests that we need clear objectives and a defined methodology if we are going to evaluate effectively - this requires some sort of baseline/comparison in order to show any real benefits, as opposed to our wishful thinking!

It is possible that some research support/guidance could be provided by the School & and I will be able to up-date you at our next meeting on Monday, June 11th - in MR1.06 if anyone needs a reminder!

 Sue H (aka Hutch)

Posted at 06 Jun @ 11:12 AM by user p0070765 | comment 1 comment
blog entry  2007/05/22

Dear all

Netta met with Nigel Conway re ODP placements in Swindon/Bristol etc with the merger of the 2 programmes. We discussed the potential for ODP being included in this project, especially with regard to distant placements from Swindon (Bristol, Bath, Weston-Super-Mare etc). The Programme currently franchised to Brunel is becoming ours! There is an expected intake of 25 students (not counting Oxon students). Can we discuss at the next meeting? Hutch and I think there is a good opportunity here based on need?


Posted at 22 May @ 3:14 PM by user Netta Lloyd-Jones | comment 0 comments
blog entry  2007/05/15
Last changed: May 15, 2007 13:35 by Netta Lloyd-Jones

My bluetooth worked! I set up new page with meeting notes from today, Netta

Posted at 15 May @ 12:58 PM by user Netta Lloyd-Jones | comment 0 comments
Last changed: May 15, 2007 11:33 by Richard Francis

15 May 2007

Topics discussed:

Identifying genuine need for technology. (Peter)

Start dates and cohorts. (Stephanie)

Technology Platform (All)

Posted at 15 May @ 11:09 AM by user Richard Francis | comment 0 comments
blog entry  2007/04/24
Last changed: Apr 24, 2007 17:09 by Richard Francis

The mLearning in Practice Settings project got off to an enthusiastic start on Tuesday, 17th April, when key staff in the School and media Workshop met to discuss the scope, objectives and project team membership.

Posted at 24 Apr @ 5:09 PM by user Richard Francis | comment 0 comments
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