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Institutional Student ePioneer Partnerships

Recent News

blog entry  2013/07/16
Last changed: Jul 16, 2013 18:07 by Richard Francis

Richard Francis and Rauri Pountain presented InStePP to delegates at the 2013 HEA Annual Conference at the University of Warwick on 3 July. The 20-minute session was well-attended and the speakers received a number of enquires about ePioneering from other institutions. The session was also videoed and we will disseminate the recording when it becomes available.
To view the presentation visit:

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blog entry  2013/02/11
Last changed: Feb 11, 2013 16:49 by Richard Francis

We made one of those little steps today which at once saves time and avoids disappointment.
Previously when scheduling training for the ePioneers, we were driven by availability of trainers and rooms. So of course, the ePioneers themselves could only come to those sessions which didn't clash with their module timetables. In Semester one of this year, that meant we were lucky to get 50% attendance. New room booking and timetabling systems mean we can now quickly get an aggregated view of the timetables of just the modules our ePioneers are enrolled on. This revealed an afternoon when they should all be free (extra-curricular commitments permitting) and allowed us to block book rooms for the rest of semester confident in the knowledge that we won't be disadvantaging anyone. The order in which we deliver the training sessions and some of the staff will have to change but we can be sure we're giving the ePioneers the best chance of attending and benefitting from them.

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blog entry  2013/02/08
Last changed: Feb 08, 2013 17:58 by Richard Francis

Recruitment is under way for our second cohort of ePioneers from among the January intake.
A big thank you to the team for all their efforts: Lizzie, our Communications Officer, Kay, our ILM liaison expert, the four PL SEs, Clare, Mary G, Mary W and Debbie. At least two team members will visit each of the five main sites, Headington, Wheatley, Harcourt Hill, Marston Road and Swindon.

We have extensively reviewed and simplified our recruitment materials which now use more direct and engaging language.

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Last changed: Feb 08, 2013 17:48 by Richard Francis

We're looking forward to working with the PriDE team at Bath University with whom we've been in contact about potential synergies between the approaches our respective projects have taken. The two teams have invited each other to speak to stakeholders in our respective institutions.

The PriDE team is interested in whether the ePioneer partnership framework is applicable as a means of engaging with students on the mini-projects they are setting up with their Faculty Learning Communities. For our part, the PriDE approach may be helpful in engaging staff in the process of identifying areas of digital literacy in their disciplines which could be developed in partnership with ePioneers. The way this is currently being done here is threefold:

  • via a cascade model through our Principal Lecturers for the Student Experience (PL SEs)
  • via an analysis of the mapping of digital literacies onto programme specifications
  • by targeting specific discipline areas when commissions are raised by non-academic staff

We're keenly interested in how to strengthen in staff a sense of ownership of the commissioning process, and in ensuring that the commissions that are taken forward have widespread impact.

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blog entry  2013/01/31
Last changed: Feb 08, 2013 18:04 by Richard Francis

Interviews with ePioneers by our evaluator, Greg, suggest that we should review the way our PL SEs line manage the ePioneers in their charge. A set of recommendations is being drawn up for approval by the project team in mid February, in time to be implemented with the Semester 2 cohort of ePioneers as well as the existing group.

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blog entry  2012/11/21
Last changed: Nov 21, 2012 17:24 by Richard Francis

Thick and fast they came... staff commissions for ePioneers are now coming in at an impressive rate (20 as of 20th Nov. 2012). Not entirely sure why the increased rate of submission (and as Project Director I should look at why we don't know) but it's likely to be related to a) greater publicity given to the project and b) staff perceptions that it has gained traction.

Among the commissions is one that takes us into systems analysis and which offers an opportunity for the central learning technology team to work on with the ePioneers. It is being requested from a single department but has relevance to all UG courses. It's an exciting prospect.

As PD I have a question for our evaluation plan: why has commissioning caught on and 1-to-1 support booking not? The positive interpretation would be that local technology support is adequate. It may also be that staff are hesitant to request support from a student they have never met, probably from another faculty.

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blog entry  2012/11/12
Last changed: Nov 12, 2012 17:56 by Richard Francis

We have produced a short video screencast introducing the purpose of the project and featuring some of our ePioneers. It is one of the sessions prepared for the JISC Innovating e-Learning 2012 pre-conference Activity Week.

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blog entry  2012/11/06
Last changed: Nov 06, 2012 12:29 by p0076588

As part of our Interim Report writing process we have updated sections of the project wiki.

Key updates can be found at

The InStePP Project on the Design Studio has also been updated

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blog entry  2012/10/05
Last changed: Oct 05, 2012 14:06 by Richard Francis

We've just completed Version 2 of the animated Development and Support Wheel. It's much more interactive and contains new sections on the partnership model, reflection framework and the Brookes Graduate Attributes our ePioneers are developing with us. The Wheel has helped inform the learning framework behind the InStePP ePioneer ePortfolio that is to be piloted on Future Consultants from October 2012. The results will feed back into further developments of this model in 2013.

An updated pdf version is also available.

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blog entry  2012/09/20
Last changed: Oct 05, 2012 14:00 by Richard Francis

We are will be recruiting our second cohort of ePioneers between 1 and 8 October and running the ILM-endorsed Future Consultants course with them from 17 October.

To fnd out more please see

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blog entry  2012/09/11
Last changed: Sep 11, 2012 12:33 by p0076588

Amazingly we are on track and have achieved a lot since starting in January 2012- see Our Achievements summary

We are now in the process of validating an ILM-endorsed Future Consultants course for delivery Sept/ Oct (See Update), and are also about to start recruiting new ePioneers to supplement our current cohort (see Briefing Resources)

Please also see the updated What are we doing now page

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blog entry  2012/07/25
blog entry  2012/07/03
Last changed: Jul 03, 2012 12:01 by p0076588

Following the Brookes L+T conference on 26 June, we now have many requests for works for our ePioneers.

so we are now having to review how ePioneers are to

  • collate and respond to new commissions given the fact ePioneers are a limited resource
  • organise themselves onto team to create student/ staff guides on Moodle etc
  • deal with requests for expert advice - a new adviser/ consultancy role that will involve a needs analysis, group discussion on solutions, proposals etc

See what are we doing now for more information

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blog entry  2012/06/26
Last changed: Jul 12, 2012 13:31 by p0076588

The Oxford Brookes InStePP project has a stand at the Brookes Learning and Teaching Conference.

We have a number of ePioneers on hand to explain what the project is, and how we as ePioneers can help staff and students navigate and use the Moodle software.

Come and see us in the Simon Williams Undergraduate centre on the Wheatley Campus, where we will be happy to talk to you about any questions you might have, and also help you with a quick demonstration of the project and give you some hands-on experience with the new system.

Conferences, Events

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blog entry  2012/06/18
Last changed: Jun 18, 2012 14:59 by p0076588

We ran a workshop at the International Blended Learning conference (13-14 June) and got some useful feedback on what evidence we should be looking for from our ePioneers when reflecting on their activities and personal development. This will feed into the eportfolio developments we are about to embark on.

The workshop material can be found on Prezi and here

Posted at 18 Jun @ 2:56 PM by user p0076588 | comment 0 comments
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