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blog entry  2013/07/30
Last changed: Jul 30, 2013 13:58 by p0071721

Paper accepted, Published a paper recently? Do you want to make it open access?


July  2013

Paper accepted, Published a paper recently? Do you want to make it open access?

The University has recently published a position paper on 'Open Access for Research Outputs' where it is stated that

'When a journal article or conference paper is accepted for publication, the researcher must deposit the postprint or a web link to a gold open access reprint in the institutional repository via the CRIS (Current Research Information System)'

We are currently working on making information about your publications available on the CRIS. In the meantime, you can send us ( ) a postprint version (final version of your output - peer reviewed and corrected but without the journal branding on it) and we will make it available on RADAR .

The RADAR Check

  • When you send items to RADAR, they are always checked by the RADAR team before being published. We will: check with the copyright permissions database, and sometimes the journal's website to find out which version can be published on RADAR
  • verify the version which has been supplied and contact you to confirm that the version that has been made available on RADAR by sending you a deposit licence
  • tell you which version can be made available on RADAR if none is uploaded
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blog entry  2013/04/15
Last changed: Jul 24, 2013 16:00 by p0071721

RADAR is still the institutional repository

Current Situation
The Research Archive of RADAR is now closed for contributions as we have exported all the records to the CRIS. We have been working on some of these records on the CRIS in preparation for the REF and information about publications will be exported from the CRIS into the REF submission form.

What happens next?
In future, academics will access their profile on the CRIS, edit, view their publications, upload a version of their output (there will be automatic guidance taken from Sherpa which will tell academics which version they can make available, if they upload a version of their output then this will be validated by the library, processed and  placed in the Research Archive on RADAR. 

Information about publications and links to RADAR on the CRIS will become part of the staff web profile, some of which will be publicly accessible and will act as their staff profile. The idea is that academics will only have to enter this information once but it will be made available in different ways.  All of the above is part of phase 2 of the CRIS implementation so the dates for this are dependent on CRIS integration with RADAR, CRIS integration with new web content management system, CRIS integration with external  data sources such as ‘web of science’.   There should be some more news about these plans by the end of August 2013

The Research Archive will become a repository for the full-text versions of outputs, theses, reports etc. rather than the current mix of just bibliographic information and some records that are accompanied by the full-text. So the Research Archive will become a true open access repository, making research at Brookes openly and freely available.
What can I do now?
Many records on RADAR and now the CRIS just have a link to the published version of an article through the Digital Object Identifier (doi) which in many cases is only accessible if your institution subscribes to the journal so we still want to have a version of your article (subject to publishers’ permissions – see Sherpa) freely available to all. In many cases we are allowed to make available the author’s final version sometimes known as the postprint  and occasionally the published version.

In the next few months, you may receive a request for a version of your publication from RADAR.  It would be good if you can send RADAR the specified version or let us know that you can’t supply it.

What about forthcoming publications?
When you have a paper accepted, please save your final version before it has all the journal branding on it and send it to RADAR. We will save it, check permissions, make it available on RADAR and let you know.

Please note that peer-reviewed research papers that acknowledge Research Council funding that are submitted for publication from 1 April 2013 have to be made publicly available within 6 months of publication ( there are longer embargoes for some subjects). The University is working on how to deal with complying with this policy.

Rowena Rouse
RADAR – Repository Services Development Manager

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blog entry  2011/11/04
Last changed: Nov 04, 2011 17:29 by Steve Burholt

Copyright policies for OER

Rowan Wilson, Legal Officer at Oxford University, came to Oxford Brookes University on June 16th 2011 to discuss the experiences of Oxford University in licensing Open Educational Resources (OER). The meeting was organised as part of support for OER projects provided by the RIPPLE project , a collaborative project between Oxford Brookes and Oxford University funded by JISC.

Oxford Brookes: Richard Francis (Head of e-Learning), Steve Burholt (e-Learning systems developer), Rowena Rouse (Repository services manager), Jan Haines (Head of Library Services) and Katie Hambrook (Audio-Visual Librarian/Subject Librarian)
Oxford University: Rowan Wilson (Legal Officer)

Rowan explained how academics at Oxford were given the opportunity to choose a CC licence or to use the standard agreement with iTunes. Copyright and quality issues are devolved to the academics. The differences between Oxford and Oxford Brookes were discussed: whereas Oxford Brookes had a lot of course materials that could be published as OER, Oxford lectures were not part of the curriculum.

Steve Burholt explained that at Brookes, several Schools had expressed the preference to release material as CC no derivatives, in contrast with the JISC recommendation of CC share-alike.  Oxford University use CC share-alike as a default when an academic chooses CC. The RADAR steering group then discussed how the choice of CC licences should be presented to users of RADAR. It was felt that CC share-alike should be recommended, but that users should be free to choose a more restrictive licence.

The RADAR steering group are now working on a deposit licence for OER items, along with a Guide to OER for staff.

Further Information


RIPPLE project:

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blog entry  2011/09/02
Last changed: Sep 02, 2011 16:38 by Steve Burholt

Oxford Brookes RADAR appears in Online Educa Berlin article

An article about RADAR, the repository of research and teaching materials, has been published as part of Online Educa Berlin, that takes place from 30 November to 2 December 2011.

To read the article see

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blog entry  2011/08/26
Last changed: Aug 26, 2011 11:05 by Steve Burholt

Olympics Open Educational Resources released

An increasingly topical collection of resources about the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and their legacy for London 2012, has been released on RADAR, the university’s multi-purpose archive.

They have been produced or collated by the HE Academy Subject Centre for Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism (HLST) as part of a JISC funded Project ‘2012: Legacies for Learning’. The collection comprises a range of resources in several categories for use and, in some cases, adaptation or repurposing, in learning and teaching across the HLST and even other subjects.

The collection includes:

  • Case studies and discussion starters which examine a range of issues and questions facing the Olympics and Paralympics
  • Official documents: official plans, publications and reports from LOCOG related to the planning of the 2012 Games
  • Research resources: other resources underpin and promote research into the Olympics and Paralympics including a range of Routledge publications and a research pack produced for the Project by the SPEAR Centre at Canterbury Christchurch University.

One of the research resources produced by SPEAR titled ‘Understanding Olympic and Paralympic Legacies’ provides a generic guide to researching the Olympic and Paralympic topics by posing 3 Key Legacy Questions:

1. What legacies are possible?
2. How can legacies be achieved?
3. How will we know if legacies have been achieved?

It links with the other resources produced by SPEAR, an indeed all the other resources which can be used for research and enquiry-led learning and is licensed under the terms of Creative Commons licences so that it can be copied or repurposed for learning and teaching activities.

To find out more about the project browse the collection in RADAR
or contact the Project Director John Buswell on

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blog entry  2011/05/19
Last changed: May 19, 2011 14:41 by Steve Burholt

Equella, the manufacturer of the software that powers RADAR, have released a case study of how Oxford Brookes have used the software to create a multipurpose repository

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blog entry  2010/12/22
Last changed: Dec 22, 2010 16:17 by Steve Burholt

RADAR training courses for January 2011

The RADAR team have arranged some brief training sessions for January 2011.

Course summaries are listed below:

Introductory session

Focusing on the Teaching collection, this session explains the reasons behind RADAR and how it can be used to effectively manage and share teaching materials. You will learn how to search RADAR for resources, and how to add an item to a VLE course.

Contributors (Teaching collection)

This session is designed for those who have attended the Introductory session. You will learn how to contribute an item to the Teaching collection, including tips on how to describe resources so they can be found easily.

Can I use it or can't I?

The RADAR team are offering a short session on the basics of using copyright material in teaching resources. Specifically, the training will be designed to help staff contribute materials to the Teaching Collection in RADAR.

The team will work through examples of teaching materials and the implications of copyright, and answer questions such as "can I take an image from the internet and use it, as long as I credit the original source?"

Learning outcomes:

A basic understanding of

  • issues concerning the use of images and video
  • copyright-free images and where to find them
  • how to get further help

More information

Details of the dates and times are at:

Booking is essential: email

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Last changed: Dec 22, 2010 13:37 by Steve Burholt

Season's greetings from the RADAR team!

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blog entry  2010/11/05
Last changed: Nov 05, 2010 11:34 by p0071721

RADAR introductory sessions

In the wake of RADAR's first year anniversary celebrations, the RADAR team are providing an opportunity to learn more about this great facility which enables you to upload and share research and teaching material.

Dates of RADAR introductory sessions:

Friday 12 November, 10.00am to 11.30am

Tuesday 30 November, 10.00am to 11.30am

Venue: The Media Workshop Training Room (M1.14, Media Centre, Headington campus).

To sign up email

More than 60 members of staff from across Brookes marked the anniversary with a presentation and celebrated with a birthday cake made by Brookes restaurant.

As Diana Woodhouse, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Transfer, indicated the anniversary event took place during Open Access week, a global initiative to raise awareness about making research more openly available.

The advantages of managing and sharing online teaching materials by uploading documents to RADAR instead of multiple copies to Brookes Virtual was highlighted by Richard Francis and Steve Burholt. Rowena Rouse discussed the benefits of making research visible through Google. Once publications are in RADAR, links can be made to them via staff profile pages.

A case study on developing material for a new distance learning MSc course in Nursing Studies, which enabled the course team to easily evaluate and review each other's materials, was presented by Marion Waite, senior lecturer in the School of Health and Social Care.

Access the event presentations

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blog entry  2010/10/06
Last changed: Oct 06, 2010 13:54 by Steve Burholt

RADAR is one year old

The university is hosting an event to celebrate the anniversary of the launch of RADAR, Oxford Brookes' archive of research and teaching materials.


Wednesday 20 October 2010, 12:15 until 13:45

Who this event is for

Staff - teaching / Staff - research / Staff - support / Current students - postgraduate research


BG 9, 10, 11, Buckley, Headington Campus, Gipsy Lane site

Associated academic school(s)

All academic schools


It's now a year since the launch of RADAR and we want to share with you our progress and tell you more about RADAR's direction in the next year. The anniversary event will begin at 12.30pm with Professor John Raftery, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Student Experience making an opening speech, followed by Marion Waite from Health and Social Care talking about how her programme team is using RADAR within teaching, RADAR progress reports and a closing speech by Professor Diana Woodhouse, Pro Vice Chancellor, Research.
More details:

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blog entry  2010/06/24
Last changed: Jun 24, 2010 15:12 by Steve Burholt

The RADAR team are presenting at the Oxford Brookes learning and teaching conference on Friday 24 June 2010. See

The conference poster is available online at

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blog entry  2010/06/15
Last changed: Jun 15, 2010 11:57 by p0071721

The RADAR team have released copyright guidelines to assist those contributing to the Teaching collection.


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blog entry  2010/01/20
Last changed: Jan 20, 2010 15:24 by Steve Burholt

The RADAR team have released a RADAR Google gadget. It shows recently uploaded items in the open archive of Brookes research.

More more details on how to use it, see

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blog entry  2010/01/12
Last changed: Jan 12, 2010 14:27 by Steve Burholt

We have released the first of some tutorial videos for RADAR:

1) Steve Burholt looks behind the scenes of the Teaching collection:

2) Steve Burholt shows how to search for RADAR resources from within the VLE environment (for VLE course designers only):

We intend to produce more tutorial videos to explain how to use the features of RADAR.

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blog entry  2009/10/08
Last changed: Oct 08, 2009 16:27 by Steve Burholt

New videos and audio have been released prior to the launch of the RADAR project.

Richard Francis (Head of E-learning, Oxford Brookes University), talks about the strategy behind RADAR and the benefits for teaching staff

Bill Hubbard (Head of the Centre for Research Communications, University of Nottingham), talks to Steve Burholt (Media Workshop, Oxford Brookes)about RADAR, Research and the Open Access movement

The resources are available at

The RADAR team

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